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Power Rangers: Digiton is a Fanfiction that is currently being written by VioletWriter.

Power Rangers: Digiton
Power Rangers Digiton
Fanfic Info
Author VioletWriter
Published On April 1, 2014
Number of Chapters 30
First Chapter Let's go Digital
Last Chapter Unknown
Status In Progress



Two people Dr.V and Dr. G want to create a super computer that would make life better. But as time grew on the computer didn't want to make things better but to make it worse. So the super computer turned against the humans and created it's own army. Dr.G and Dr.V could not stop it so they created devices that turn people into power rangers. They chose five teens to use these powers to defeat the virus and save earth.



Rangers (from left to right: Adam, Matthew, Cooper, Ariana,Joan and Tanner)




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